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Tales Vs. Tunes Killarney Meet Up

24 Plunkett St Killarney

Saturday, June 16 2018 from 09:00 pm to 09:00 pm


This event will take place in Courtney's Bar, Killarney (entry from 20:00, show 20:30). Entry is free and suggested donation is €5. 

We will be meeting outside Courtney's Bar at 7:45pm - I will be standing with a polka-dot umbrella :) 

Hope to see you there! 

- Alexandra

What is Tales Vs. Tunes?

2 performers, 2 words, 2 weeks - 1 head to head battle to decided it all. Tales Vs. Tunes is a competition between musicians and spoken word artists to finally determine which is superior - Music or spoken word! In this context, spoken word covers prose, poetry and comedy. Each performer gets the same 2 words and they must create a brand new piece which use these words in some capacity. Musicians and spoken word artists are then paired off in a versus format in the live show, with the winner being decided by public vote. The only difference in format between our weekly version and our tour version is that the winner of each individual battle will not be revealed, only the score of #TeamTalesand #TeamTunes at the end of the night!

Performers can do anything they want with the words. In the past, we've gone from the extremes of repeating them over and over all the way down to alluding to them but not even physically saying the exact words. The aim is to use the words in as creative a way as possible and win a point for your team! Most pieces average 3-5 minutes but only an upper time limit of 10 minutes applies. We have seen 30 second long pieces win in the past so longer is not necessarily better!